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Fotobus // further 01

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I published my first book as an editior, together with my friends Christoph Bangert, Victoria Jung, Lea Szramek and Magnus Terhorst. Further 01 was made for and with the Fotobus Society and shows work by 34 of it’s student members. You can buy futher 01 here or here or in... Read More

WARAGI // HANT – Magazin 11

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A preview of WARAGI is part of the latest HANT – Magazin. Issue 11, titled Back To Reality will release on 17.11 and can be preordered. To celebrate the release a reading will be held at Kunsthalle Erfurt at release day, followed by a party at Kurhause Simone. Thank you... Read More

WARAGI // Cahiers 05

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A preview for WARAGI is part of the latest Cahiers – Hefte zur Fotografie. To celebrate the release, a small party and exhibition is set for the 25.05 at Gallery FB2 in Dortmund. Come pick up your copy of Cahiers and get the chance to see WARAGI Dummy #18 alongside... Read More