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My Name is Florian Genz. My work is based on photography, text and illustration. I share my thoughts, feelings and explorations in a stylized context; in books or other spaces and on screen. So far, all projects shared themes like perception, imagination, deception. They connect historic events to modern matters – and none of them are completed, yet.

My first camera got stolen before I could take a single picture with it. I had won the small point and shoot at a creative writing contest when I was 10. It took me another 14 years to get a second one. In the meantime I would draw comics, write short stories, built elaborate camps in the woods or create virtual arenas in videogames – yet, somehow, I ended up in a 9-5 logistics office job.

Suddenly, stress management was more important than creativity. I spent my life sending stuff all around the world, to places I knew only by their airport code. Without any real prospect I quit. I used my last paycheck to buy another camera and planned on doing something – anything – that didn’t resemble my old life: I figured that new camera out, moved to the other end of Germany and started studying photography.

What started as escapism developed into a way for me to learn from myself and the world by taking pictures of what I care about. That may sound trivial – but up to that point I had spent most of my life trying to escape earth and actively avoided exploring my relationship to it. Photography gave me a reason to change that and provided me with material to share my discoveries with others. When I’m not out on an adventure, I spend my time working on ways to present my pictures, crafting complex spaces to share my thoughts with those interested.

I’m still studying photography at FH Dortmund, working on finishing WARAGI to focus on other projects I already started. You can find a selection of my life here or updates about my whereabouts here.

Simon Gerlinger